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NEW ART: “Rafa Nadal’s Buggy Whip Forehand”


Tennis players often have difficulty hitting a clean running forehand while chasing after a wide shot. A normal forehand follow through requires rapid acceleration to the opposite side of the body, which is in direct contrast to the player’s running momentum. Like Rafael Nadal, many top professionals opt to hit a buggy whip forehand while on the run to minimize the oppositional force of their forehand follow through.

When executing his patented buggy whip shot, Rafa extends the racquet head forward before following through in an upward motion on the same side of his body. This follow through is in contrast to a normal forehand, in which the player follows through across the body. A well-executed buggy whip shot uses a quick motion to put a great deal of topspin on the ball and can direct the ball at deceptively sharp angles.


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