Olympic Tennis Wrap Up: 10 Takeaways

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  1. Serena Williams adds to her sublime legacy with decisive gold medals in singles and doubles.  Serena has career Golden Slams in singles and doubles now.  Fodder for a GOAT debate?
  2. Speed Kills – Andy Murray took a huge step by winning 5 straight sets over Djokovic and Federer en route to a gold medal in singles.  Throw in a silver in mixed doubles and Murray has gotten most if not all of the monkey off of his back.  A first Grand Slam title could be coming in New York or Melbourne.
  3. Victoria Azarenka won her first Grand Slam in January.  She has added a bronze medal in singles and a gold medal in mixed doubles to her trophy case for 2012.
  4. Roger Federer finally got a medal in singles after coming so close in 2000.  He achieved a career Silver Slam in London.  Federer seemed to have a good perspective on his 2nd place showing.  Still, the final match reminded me a bit of what Safin and Hewitt did to Sampras in the 2000 and 2001 US Open championship matches.
  5. Juan Martin del Potro helped put on a match for the ages that demonstrated how much Olympic success means to tennis players.  He followed up heartbreak with a win over Djokovic.  This piece by Dan Wetzel summed up the match far better than I can.
  6. Venus Williams could have a great career as a doubles specialist if her illness stymies her singles ambitions.
  7. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and Milos Raonic showed heart and nerve in their on court battle.  Maybe they should team to face JMDP and Federer in a charity doubles match.  Tsonga did pick up a silver in doubles.
  8. Color did not hurt the atmosphere at Wimbledon.
  9. Tennis may be huge in Rio, but the shift from grass to clay to hard courts was difficult in 1992.
  10. Maria Sharapova also achieved a career Silver Slam in singles

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