Trenton Times Review of “Bring Your Racquet”

GOOD READING: A new book for kids, “Bring Your Racquet: Tennis Basics for Kids” by Steven White offers some good advice for everyone’s mental game.

“The first thing you should do if you ever find yourself choking is to slow down,” White writes. “Slow down your breathing, slow down your walk, and, most of all, slow down your tendency to play fast. Attempt to clear your mind of all unwanted thoughts. Take a deep breath and recommit your thoughts to the challenge of the match. Long, deep, slow breathing can send a message to the mind, telling it that the body is relaxed and back in control.”

A different fundamental of the game is introduced on each of the book’s 112 pages, starting with how to hold the racket, progressing through the strokes, footwork, and other insights into playing tennis. This structure allows it to be used as a reference book or a cover-to-cover read. An easy online search will give you easy options on purchasing this easy-to-follow book for anyone looking to learn or improve — Ann Loprinzi, United States Tennis Writers Association and columnist for the Trenton Times.

 Available @ Amazon and Barnes and Noble


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